New Michigan laws make social media accounts like assets via @WOODTV

"Facebook posts and emails of people who died could be accessed by a person designated in a will under legislation that Gov. Rick Snyder has signed..."

3 lessons from viral content at Ford via @ByWorking

"Lesson One about women: They like syrupy, sentimental content on Valentine's Day—images of flowers, chocolates and walks on the beach. Lesson Two: Everybody knows guys drive better than women..."

How to Use Competitive Social Monitoring on Twitter via @seth_bridges

"The power of competitive social media analysis is not the awareness of every tweet or post. Rather, the true power comes from the trends you find by aggregating data to extract patterns..."

Inside Facebook’s Quest to Be Your Bestie—By Owning Your Memories via @pierce

"In its never ending quest to dominate all your time and attention, Facebook has spent years looking for ways to repeatedly mine (and monetize!) all that information, to give 1.6 billion users more opportunities to engage with the life they’ve lived and shared on the social network..."

TV-quality live videos are coming to Facebook via @sizpatel


"The social network, in partnership with several publishers, has developed equipment that will allow publishers to broadcast high-quality live videos, according to sources... "


Woman gives up Dr Pepper Twitter handle for 41,000 bottles of water via @wsbtv


"Finally following Facebook’s lead, Instagram will now let you switch accounts when using the app on Android and iOS.In addition, with the latest version of Instagram’s app, people can now add up to five accounts, and switch between them without having to log out and back in..."


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