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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Social Media Association of Michigan’s mission to promote social media as an impactful communication vehicle through state-wide education, adoption of social platforms and dissemination of successful social media solutions in public and private sectors.

As a result of volunteering, not only will you participate in leading SMAMi’s mission but you will  make valuable connections and participate in groundbreaking initiatives that effectively transform our state.


Operations Committee

The Operations Committee reviews association administrative issues, governance issues, membership benefits, and financial resources.

Operations committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Promoting effective and efficient operations by all SMAMi committees.
  • Developing policies on operating issues for consideration by the Association.
  • Planning, organizational and supervisory tasks that support other SMAMi Committees as needed.


Communications & Media Committee

The Communications & Media Committee develops and leads execution of all SMAMi communication objectives through digital and traditional platforms and liaises with members of the press on behalf of the Association.

Communications & Media Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Executing the communications strategy.
  • Exploring new avenues to increase awareness of SMAMi.


Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee develops and leads execution of all SMAMi marketing objectives through digital and traditional platforms.

Marketing Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Executing the marketing strategy with guidance and input from the Executive Committee.
  • Supporting all SMAMi Committees with marketing objectives as needed.


Strategic Partnerships Committee

The Strategic Partnerships Committee selects and builds relationships with key SMAMi partners.

Strategic Partnerships Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Developing partnerships that result in financial and developmental support for SMAMi and its members.
  • Developing partnerships with other organizations that are aligned with SMAMi’s mission.


Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee develops and maintains sponsorship programs.

Sponsorship Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Establishing sponsorship program levels and benefits.
  • The Event Operations Chair's sponsorship acquisition for official SMAMi events.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing and executing SMAMi’s membership growth strategy.

Membership Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Developing, executing and updating the action plan to conduct membership recruitment and retention efforts that support SMAMi objectives.
  • Developing membership policies and procedures for review by the Board.
  • Conducting membership recruitment activities.


Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for overseeing the development, distribution and analysis of findings from the annual State of Social Media in Michigan Survey.

Research Committee Volunteers will assist with:

  • Developing survey questions and objectives.
  • Creating and executing the Survey Outreach Strategy.
  • Participating in analyzing survey results.


Legal Affairs Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee monitors the legal affairs of the Association.

Legal Affairs Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Making recommendations to the Board regarding legal affairs.
  • Evaluating proposed legislation that affects SMAMi members.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee ensures financial budgeting, reporting, and accountability policies are executed effectively.

Finance Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Overseeing the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

Event Operations Committee

The Event Operations Committee oversees all official SMAMi events.

Event Operations Committee volunteers will assist with:

  • Overseeing all event coordination tasks.
  • Placing event partners and sponsors.
  • Promoting official SMAMi events.


Signature Event Committees
As a member of a signature event committee, you will support planning and execution of a large-scale SMAMi event.

Signature Events:

  • Social Media Conference and Retreat
  • Social Media Day
  • Annual Meeting & Anniversary Party

Regional Task Forces
As a member of a regional task force, you will support SMAMi Regional Leads in executing programs that impact your region.


SMAMi Regions:

  • Southeast Michigan
  • Mid Michigan
  • West Michigan
  • Upper Peninsula
  • Northern Michigan
  • Great Lakes Bay

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